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Bring third party application installation to front:WIX



I'm new to WIX & i'm using WIX 3.8. My aim to install a third party application(which the users have follow some instruction to complete the installation) and finish the main installation.

The third party application window goes behind the WIX page. So I posted the problem here:

Suggestion to use custom BootStrapper, So i tried your solution:
or I couldn't meet my requirements.

Still i have the same problem. I'm grateful for your help & idea. Thank you.



tpalacino wrote Feb 14, 2014 at 1:51 AM

I have 2 ideas on how you might be able to solve this.
  • You could include the third party executable as a Payload instead of an ExePackage and use the Process class to manually start the executable, which should be extracted at install time to the running directory or the bootstrapper. I have used to approach to present a user with the option of installing associated software that is not required.
    NOTE: if you use this approach the third party application will not be removed when your application is removed.
  • You could

tpalacino wrote Feb 14, 2014 at 2:49 AM

sorry I accidentally pressed Ctrl-S instead of Ctrl-C...continued option 2

*You could leave the ExePackage and refer to this post for the code required to get a handle to an existing window and bring it to the foreground programmatically. I am not personally very familiar with making Win32 calls so I would you the Process class method discussed in the linked article.

Hope these ideas are useful!